domenica 30 maggio 2010

Una bella recensione

Frans de Waard così commenta Sanglisente sulla rivista online VITAL:

   number   727
   week      16

Vital Weekly, the webcast: we offer a free-to-download weekly webcast as the audio-supplement to Vital Weekly. Presented as a radio programme with excerpts from some of the CDs reviewed here (no vinyl or MP3s). It is available on the site for a limited period of 5 weeks. Download the file to your MP3 player and enjoy!
Complete track listing here:

CARLO GIORDANI - SANGLISENTE (CDR by Incisioni Rupestri/Piccolo Fuochi)
An excellent package here, with high quality printed matter, which shows some excellent field photography of the places where Giordani recorded the sounds used in his debut release. High up a mountain, a milk barn, cows and such like. All of these pieces are 'live' recordings Giordani tells us. Pictures of sound, rather than of images. It reminded me of my childhood holidays in the Austrian mountains. The tranquilness of the place, the cow bells in the summer sun upon the field, a rusty door in the barn. Now its sunny outside, yet cold, but with the doors closed, it seems like summer anyway. This private reason makes that I think this is a wonderful release, even when, as such, there isn't much new under the sun. If you like releases on Gruenrekorder, then this is certainly one you should check out. (FdW)

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