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Apropos 8 ottobre

Nello studio delle Telecomunicazioni si inciampa in un bel po' di discipline matematiche e non. Una di queste è la "Teoria dei fenomeni aleatori". 
A parte questo la mia formazione scientifica, anzi, ingegneristica, mi ha portato ad una mentalità poco incline alle coincidenze ed alle superstizioni.
Tuttavia ...

SILENT WATERS concert program
Subject: SILENT WATERS concert program
From: Petri Kuljuntausta (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 06:50:49 EDT

thank you all who sent submissions for the SILENT WATERS concert.
The whole happening went so nicely, that perhaps we'll do the concert again
at some other town.

Some fine submissions arrived too late for inclusion, unfortunately, but I
will play these pieces in the future concerts. The first possibility is at
the new Praxis club [see:] on Thursday 10th October.
Keith Rowe and Oren Ambarchi, among others, will perform at the main stage
but for the Praxis club's lobby hall performance I am going to curate a
selection of electronic music works.

The SILENT WATERS concert program below.
all the best, petri

water concert at the Film Theatre Orion
Eerikinkatu 15-17, Helsinki.
October 8th 2002, 10am - 3pm

Silent Waters public seminar
10:00 Opening speech
        - Silja Sarkkinen, organizational head of the Finnish Foundation for Nature Conservation.
10:10 Does the fishes hear? Underwater noise grows in Finland too.
        - Hydrologist Jukka Seppänen, Jyväskylä University, Department of biology and environmental science.
10:40 Sounding water drops. Shapes and structures of sound in water drops.
        - video works by Alexander Lauterwasser.
10:50 Sounds of the fishes
        - recordings of Sture Palmér.
11:00- Silent Waters concert
        - Water and sea sounds, international sound works and water-based compositions. Four-hour long concert curated and performed by composer Petri Kuljuntausta.

Silent Waters concert
marine mammal fund [usa]: killer whale
jeremiah moore [usa]: subgump [2002]
david rothenberg [usa]: language of water [2002]
annette vande gorne [belgium]: eau [1984]
carlo giordani [italy]: a new kind of water [2002]
paulina sundin / jens hedman [swe]: currents: water [1998]
rilo chmielorz [germany]: palimpsest on water [1993]
richard lerman [usa]: the pool of st. helen [1992]
petri kuljuntausta [fin]: london soundscapes: trafalgal square [2000]
claude schryer [canada]: océano [1996]
marine mammal fund [usa]: bowhead whale and bearded seal

thomas gerwin [germany]: corrente… [1998]
hildegard westerkamp [can]: kits beach soundwalk [1989]
petri kuljuntausta [fin]: helsinki sound: market square [2000]
andra mccartney [can]: textures [2001]
bernard fort [canada]: étude sous la pluie [1997]

claude schryer [canada]: naturaleza [1996]
veikko eskolin [fin]: avaruuskonstruktio [1963]
petri kuljuntausta [fin]: farm suite: at the well [1999]
petri kuljuntausta [fin]: london soundscapes: thames [2000]
phil morton [uk]: cold bath & hot bath [2002]
giuseppe rapisarda [italy]: almaquae [2001]
marine mammal fund [usa]: humpback

brian garbet [canada]: ritual [2001]
agnieszka waligórska [pol]: reflections of a fountain [1999]
richard lerman [usa]: boat pieces [1994]
petri kuljuntausta [fin]: lux in tenebris [1995]
peter koniuto [usa]: fata morgana [2002]
john coutanche [canada] waterworks [2002]
marc pira [germany]: fifteen drops [2001]
bernard fort [canada]: la grive des bois [1997]
tom ahola [finland]: deep sea tribe [1999]

werner cee [germany]: wetter (excerpt) [2001]
antti rönkkö [fin]: nimetön [2002]
juhana moisander [fin]: alisen lauluja [2002]
ilkka janatuinen [fin]: pupulplup [2002]
meri siitonen [fin]: viemärisonata [2002]
distorsio genus [fin]: pingpongsong [2002]
marine mammal fund [usa]: narwhal whale

rob weale [uk]: bubbles [2000]
sawako [japan]: mizumiz [2002]
egø [italy]: calle & gradini [2002]
andrew hayleck [usa]: crabs [2002]
anders östberg [sweden]: water sound [2002]
ben minto [uk]: water: cave ambience, river, waterfall, waves [2002]
rihmasto [fin]: café ursula [2001]
pekka sirén [finland]: wind song [1999]

petri kuljuntausta [fin]: stalactite cave [1999]
frank corcoran [irland]: sweeney's vision (excerpt) [1997]
petri kuljuntausta [fin]: london soundscapes: st james park lake [2000]
hildegard westerkamp [can]: talking rain [1998]
marine mammal fund [usa]: beluga whale

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